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Fotofestival Schiedam Open Call: co-evolution between humans and nature, Noosphere

du 18/06/2021 au 04/07/2021 Clôture de l'appel à candidature : 28/02/2021

About our Open Call

We invite our applicants to present one image within the context of our theme. We invite any artist that works in the realm of visual culture to apply for the upcoming edition of the festival. We welcome manifold interpretations and opinions that express all the different shades of grey that exist within the theme.You can apply in one of our subthemes or in all 3 of them if your fits within this them!


If you want to join our growing community, please submit your images inspired by the theme 'Transitions ll' Our committee will make a selection of participating photographers and invite them to showcase their work at Foto Festival Schiedam. If you are selected we will offer a professional print a blow up (1,5 x 1,0m) of your photo on forex and present the photo within our exhibition. After the event you can take this print back home.


We want to give the independent photography community an opportunity to exhibit during our festival As a small independent organization that consists of passionate photography freelancers, we want to create a platform that caters to a wide spectrum of photographers. However, we cannot make it work without your financial contribution as we are only partially funded. With your contribution, we cover organizational, productional and promotional costs to make sure your work is facilitated and promoted in the best way possible. For each submission we ask a €19 fee.


We will launch 3 open call all reflecting on a sub theme of Transitions. You can submit your work to all 3 subthemes if you think your work fits the subtheme.



subtheme Open Calls:

OPEN CALL 2. 10th Januari/ 28th februari. co-evolution between humans and nature

OPEN CALL 3. 14th maart/ 30th april. After the Deluge



OPEN CALL 2. 10th Januari/ 28th februari

co-evolution between humans and nature Noosphere

The noosphere is a philosophical concept developed and popularized by the biogeochemist 
Vladimir Vernadsky, and the French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin at the beginning of the 20th century. Vernadsky defined the noosphere as the sphere of interaction between society and nature, within which reasonable human activity becomes the determining factor of development. Just as life, which appeared in the depths of inorganic nature, and began to shape the appearance of the world, creating new geological layers, leaving giant deposits on top of rocks of inorganic origin, so the human being is increasingly reconstructing the world, including everything that exists around them in their activities. Having been used in some evolutionary concepts, the noosphere describes the mind as a special natural phenomenon. The emergence of the human mind is a qualitatively new stage in the evolution of living matter, the transition of evolution from the biological phase to the social. Humans do not adapt to the environment, as other animals, but change and subordinate it to themselves. The noosphere is the result of the activity of all human beings, starting from the very moment of their appearance. Today, the topic of ecology and human impact is becoming more and more centralized throughout the world. This hot-button issue is not new in its rhetoric, but is becoming harder to ignore. We invite photographers to think and share their ideas of environmental adventurism in relation to potential co-evolution between humans and nature. Is the concept of noosphere still able to exist? We encourage you to find a visual language that could express the possibility of harmonious co-existence of humans and nature and, as a result, the co-evolution of nature and society.


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du 06/05/2021 au 10/05/2021 Clôture de l'appel à candidature : 23/02/2021

LE SM’ART !... C’est ARTY, un rendez-vous artistique avant-gardiste et novateur, mais surtout un détecteur de talents, qui accueille tous les ans 200 artistes et 25 galeries, ainsi que 25.000 visiteurs, collectionneurs, amateurs d’art et curieux qui se laissent séduire par des oeuvres uniques.

Le concept du salon : 5 jours dédiés à l’art contemporain, sur 12.000m2 au coeur du Centre-Ville dans un lieu emblématique de la Ville d’Aix-en-Provence, le Parc Jourdan. Une immense galerie à ciel ouvert où les exposants sélectionnés présenteront dans leurs stands les dernières créations contemporaines. Le SM’ART demeure une forteresse à ciel ouvert pour la défense et lʼouverture de lʼart contemporain.“

Pour Aix-en-Provence et sa région, «LE SM'ART » est un fleuron avec ses 25000 visiteurs et leur fort potentiel de pouvoir d’achat. Une clientèle « haut de gamme » riche de sa culture, de son savoir, de sa sensibilité à l’art…à sa pléiade de collectionneurs, d’amateurs d’art et de belles créations..Les collectionneurs du salon seront attentifs à votre personnalité à travers vos créations.

Le SM'ART contribue au rayonnement et à la mise en avant des artistes émergents ou reconnus, et des galeries exposants leurs artistes.