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Du 06/05/2021 au 10/05/2021

THE SM'ART!... It is ARTY, an avant-garde and innovative artistic meeting, it is also a talent finder, which welcomes every year 200 artists and 25 galleries, but also 25.000 visitors, collectors, art lovers, curious people who let themselves be charmed by unique artworks.

For Aix-en-Provence and its region, "LE SM'ART" is a flagship with its 25,000 visitors and their strong purchasing power potential.
A "top of the range" clientele rich in culture, knowledge and sensitivity to its plethora of collectors, art lovers and beautiful creations...The show's collectors will be attentive to your personality through your creations.

The exhibition’s concept: 5 days dedicated to contemporary art, on 12,000m2 in the heart of the city centre, in an emblematic place of the City of Aix-en-Provence, the Parc Jourdan. A huge open-air gallery where selected exhibitors will present the latest contemporary creations in their stands. The SM'ART remains an open-air fortress for the defence of contemporary lʼart.

A meeting place for contemporary art professionals, visual artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, craftsmen and vintage and for 20 French and international art galleries, it serves to highlight and promote  emerging or recognized artists, and the galleries exhibiting their artists.

A huge ephemeral gallery punctuated by astonishing new works.

Sm'art is supported by the City of Aix-en-Provence, the CPA and its partners; also supported by Aix companies, nearly 400 entrepreneurs are invited on the evening of the Vernissage to enter the exciting world of contemporary art. The moment for you to make a lot of contacts.

Sm'art is above all a certain idea of ACCESS TO ART

To discover today's and tomorrow's talents, to marvel, to meet, to share, to let each other 

overwhelmed by the diversity of creation in all its forms. There are no longer many places where these exchanges and encounters are spontaneous, diverse and colourful. Art lovers represent an important incubator of contemporary collectors in our region. Beyond the amazing artists expected this year, LE SM'ART keeps on opening to alternative events.

Finding the path of all possible

Let’s continue to keep alive the cultural momentum that radiate our land.This means relying on the belief that art and creation are federating spaces for emotion and reflection, as extraordinary as they are precious for living together in a world where withdrawal has taken over...

WARNING: SELECTIONS ARE ONLY OPEN TO PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS (who can justify registration with their country's tax authorities)