You will have noticed that what makes us different from other call for entry websites, is that we are selective. There are several reasons for this, the first being that the founder of Staam up is an artist himself, and particularly mindful of the respect that events owe to artists. We also believe that an artistic event worthy of that name, does not simply mean hanging paintings on four walls. Which is why we require organisers to send us information about their event. 

At Staam up, we favour quality over quantity.

Yes, for one simple reason – by refusing them it would come to "boycotting" calls for entries, which are opportunities for artists to exhibit and make themselves known. It is not our intention to prevent organizers from offering open calls, nor to prevent artists from applying for events that interest them. 

However we hope that organizers who charge admission fees will give a chance as many artists as possible by asking a reasonable amount.

We only decline calls for entries whose entry fees increase with the number of works submitted .


Plastic artists! Whatever their level, from beginner to experienced.

That being said, you may be wondering what exactly we mean by “plastic artists”. It includes artists who specialise in painting, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installations, or drawing.

In other words - plastic artists, whatever their level of experience, origin, gender, religion, skin colour, favourite dish, height, preferred sleeping position…

Each and every plastic artist is welcome on Staam up!

No, we designed Staam up to make it easier to publish, search for, and apply to calls for entries across Europe and the world. It is not an online gallery. 

We do, however, have an art dealer on our team, whose work at Staam up consists in finding artwork (maybe yours), that seems particularly worthy of interest, and to buy it directly from the artist, for both our pleasure and the collectors who trust us.

We have devised the best possible ways to meet organisers’ needs. Which is you! Publishing your call for entries on Staam up means  : 

- massive visibility, perfected by our developers and marketing team: your calls for entries are seen by hundreds of artists, but also artists who are a perfect fit for your event.-

- features developed especially for youFor example, you can measure the impact of your ad, find out how many artists have seen it, clicked on it and applied. You can also communicate directly with our team or any artist via the internal messaging system…

All your event applications processed together : we take care of gathering the applications, files and everything needed for your event to run smoothly. All you have to think about is the organisation itself, we’ll handle the back office.

The only risk you take with Staam up is that your call for applications will be a huge success!

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Du 15/03/2021 au 31/12/2021

Since 2009, The Montresso* Art Foundation has devoted itself to the creation and development of an artists residence in the Marrakech region: Jardin Rouge

A place of reflection and creation, Jardin Rouge aims to promote dialogue between artistic cultures. It thus allows artists to set up personal projects as part of their residencies.

In cooperation with the artist, the foundation validates the artistic project and makes the necessary technical, material and financial resources available to the residents. Jardin Rouge is a creativity laboratory whose objective is to bring innovative ideas to life.

A hybrid place, the Jardin Rouge residence aims to go beyond the idea of the place of creation, by also being a meeting and promotion place. It is open to visitors by appointment and welcomes collectors, amateurs, journalists and art specialists. A part of the works created by the artists is therefore proposed for acquisition, in agreement with the artist.

On occasion, events are also organized within the foundation and outside its walls to offer artists the opportunity to benefit from visibility in Morocco and abroad.


The residency is open to visual artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, of Moroccan or foreign nationality. The resident is invited to continue his or her personal research, in resonance with the context.

The period of residency is for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 3 months. The artist may be invited to return to continue his research on the basis of the initial project or in the development of new projects in agreement with the artistic direction.


  • Support contemporary creation by offering technical and financial assistance so that an artist can carry out high-quality personal research.
  • Encourage encounters with the public through an artistic project and studio visits.
  • To accompany the artist in the development of a first project and then to support him in the medium-long term in the continuity of this project or the advent of others.
  • Promote the artist’s artistic project to an audience of collectors and a media network.


Jardin Rouge provides the artist with work and accommodation facilities so that the artist can find conditions conducive to artistic research and original creation.

The foundation is responsible for financing the production of the artist’s work on the Jardin Rouge site.