As you may have noticed, what makes us different from other sites where you can find calls for applications is that we work with hotels and we choose them for their qualities and their commitment to support artists. There are several reasons for this, the first being that the founder of Staam up is an artist himself and is very sensitive to the respect that events owe to artists. Also, we consider that having four walls and hanging paintings on them does not make an art event worthy of the name. This is why we ask organisers for several mandatory pieces of information about their event. 

At Staam up we value quality over quantity.


As you will have noticed, the entrance fees for events offered by hotels are very low.

They serve to keep the platform running smoothly and to continue to find you great exhibition and stay opportunities.


Plastic artists! Whatever their level, from beginner to experienced.

That being said, you may be wondering what exactly we mean by “plastic artists”. It includes artists who specialise in painting, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installations, or drawing.

In other words - plastic artists, whatever their level of experience, origin, gender, religion, skin colour, favourite dish, height, preferred sleeping position…

Each and every plastic artist is welcome on Staam up!

No, Staam up is designed to make it easy to publish, search and register for calls for entries across Europe and the world. It is not an online gallery. 

Instead, we have an art dealer on staff whose job at Staam up is to identify works (yours perhaps) that he finds particularly worthy, and buy them directly from the artists for our enjoyment and that of the collectors who trust us.

But above all, the opportunities to sell are offered to you by the hotels, either directly from them or from the many guests who frequent their hotels.


We have devised the best possible ways to meet organisers’ needs. Which is you! Publishing your call for entries on Staam up means  : 

- massive visibility, perfected by our developers and marketing team: your calls for entries are seen by thousands of artists, but also artists who are a perfect fit for your event.-

- features developed especially for youFor example, you can measure the impact of your ad, find out how many artists have seen it, clicked on it and applied. You can also communicate directly with our team or any artist via the internal messaging system…

All your event applications processed together : we take care of gathering the applications, files and everything needed for your event to run smoothly. All you have to think about is the organisation itself, we’ll handle the back office.

The only risk you take with Staam up is that your call for applications will be a huge success!

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Our latest events

Exposition - LES PATIOS, LENS
Du 13/09/2021 au 31/10/2021

Staam up exhibition, a service dedicated to artists belonging to Staam up, is very pleased to propose and present you this great opportunity offered by Les Patios hotel located in Lens.

The hotel Les Patios has informed us of its desire to support art and artists by allowing photographic artists to be exhibited and promoted in its establishment, and by offering them a special offer in case artists would like to stay in their establishment, namely free breakfasts during the whole stay (value of the breakfast: 12 euros).

The Staam up exhibition team went to the hotel and saw how sensitive the manager of the hotel, Mrs Durisotti, is to art and especially how much she wants to support artistic creation and artists.

It should be noted that the hotel Les Patios benefits from a location that is absolutely favourable to the promotion of artists. Located just opposite the Lens train station, it regularly welcomes a number of people, the curious, art lovers or art world professionals who visit the Louvre-Lens or the former Banque de France, which has been converted into an art centre by com2com. This place is located 100 metres from the hotel and is currently hosting the Hybride biennial, curated by Paul Ardenne.

The hotel Les Patios is therefore a strategic exhibition venue, as many of the people who pass through and stay there will be sensitive to and interested in the works on display.

More than just an opportunity to exhibit, it is an opportunity to be seen by informed eyes.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the photographs of the selected artists arouse an interest that may provoke a desire to acquire the works. The works will be presented and described in an optimal and professional manner, notably via labels written by the Staam up Exhibition team.

We strongly invite you to seize this opportunity offered by Les Patios in partnership with Staam up by proposing three of your works.

This exhibition opportunity is part of the Staam up Exhibition programme and partnerships with hotels selected for their willingness to support artists and artistic creation, thus favouring an important networking and the number of opportunities to exhibit and sell your works.

Moreover, the selected artists and their photographic works will be highlighted on Staam up's social networks, and communication will also be made to our institutional and private partners (collectors, gallery owners, etc.)

For more information on the establishment: www.les-patios.fr

If you want to book a stay there, don't forget to mention that you are an artist to benefit from the special offer.