As you may have noticed, what makes us different from other sites where you can find calls for applications is that we work with hotels and we choose them for their qualities and their commitment to support artists. There are several reasons for this, the first being that the founder of Staam up is an artist himself and is very sensitive to the respect that events owe to artists. Also, we consider that having four walls and hanging paintings on them does not make an art event worthy of the name. This is why we ask organisers for several mandatory pieces of information about their event. 

At Staam up we value quality over quantity.


As you will have noticed, the entrance fees for events offered by hotels are very low.

They serve to keep the platform running smoothly and to continue to find you great exhibition and stay opportunities.


Plastic artists! Whatever their level, from beginner to experienced.

That being said, you may be wondering what exactly we mean by “plastic artists”. It includes artists who specialise in painting, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installations, or drawing.

In other words - plastic artists, whatever their level of experience, origin, gender, religion, skin colour, favourite dish, height, preferred sleeping position…

Each and every plastic artist is welcome on Staam up!

No, Staam up is designed to make it easy to publish, search and register for calls for entries across Europe and the world. It is not an online gallery. 

Instead, we have an art dealer on staff whose job at Staam up is to identify works (yours perhaps) that he finds particularly worthy, and buy them directly from the artists for our enjoyment and that of the collectors who trust us.

But above all, the opportunities to sell are offered to you by the hotels, either directly from them or from the many guests who frequent their hotels.


We have imagined the best possible meeting between your hotel and the artists. Publishing your call for entries on Staam up means :

A huge visibility refined by our developers and supported by our marketing team:

- your call for applications (and therefore your hotel) will be seen by thousands of artists.

Consolidated processing of all applications: we take care of collecting registrations, files and everything else needed for the event to run smoothly. We take care of the back office.

If your hotel is booking through Staam up, so much the better! We will be very happy. That's it! We don't charge any commission or fees on these bookings, that's not our job.

On the other hand, if a work of art sells thanks to you, thanks to the opportunity you have offered to the artist, you will receive a significant commission on the sale.

Contact us, you'll love it! contac@staamup.com


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