Plastic artists! Whatever their level, from beginner to experienced.

That being said, you may be wondering what exactly we mean by “plastic artists”. It includes artists who specialise in painting, collage, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installations, or drawing.

In other words - plastic artists, whatever their level of experience, origin, gender, religion, skin colour, favourite dish, height, preferred sleeping position…

Each and every plastic artist is welcome on Staam up!

You should start by checking 2 important points in your personal space:

- that you have specified the price at which you wish to sell your works

- that the quality of their photo is optimal (precise contours, good resolution of the image, etc.). Works' photos that are not of good enough quality cannot be put up for sale, which would be too bad!

In the meantime, we send you your exhibition contract, and once you have signed it, your works are put online on hotelartplace.com, in the online gallery of the hotel that has chosen you, and so available for sale.

If the hotel also organises a physical exhibition, you send your works to the hotel, after having packed them properly; here is a link to a video that shows you how to do this for a painting: How to pack a painting?

Your artworks are installed in the hotel according to Staam up's recommendations or yours if you want to be present for the installation.

Our experts take care of animating our networks of art lovers and collectors so that as many as possible discover your works. 

In the case of a sale, we take care of all the formalities and shipping costs to the buyer. 


As you will have noticed, the entrance fees for events offered by hotels are very low.

They serve to keep the platform running smoothly and to continue to find you great exhibition and stay opportunities.


By choosing to exhibit the works of our artists :

. your hotel is given greater visibility via our online gallery hotelartplace.com: your hotel will be seen by thousands of artists, art lovers, travellers, collectors...

. you'll benefit from effective communication with the press, your customers and visitors to the platform

Would you like to know more? Contact us, you'll love it! contact@staamup.com

What else can I tell you but yes? smiley
You can have a look at all the current calls for applications, create your personal space and file your portfolio, your bio, etc. 

Only applying to a call for applications is subject to a fee of 5€, because we want all artists to have the ability to apply.

The special feature of Staam up is that applications are anonymous; the hotels only see the photos of your work during the selection process, they have no information about the artist. All artists, whatever their experience and CV, are on an equal footing.


Important: you must be registered as an artist with the tax authorities in your country and be entitled to issue an invoice. 

As soon as a buyer has ordered your work on hotelartplace.com, we will inform you in order to prepare the shipment. All you have to do is carefully pack your work and we will take care of the transport and delivery to the buyer.

Upon receipt, the buyer has 14 days to confirm his purchase. After this time, we trigger the payment of your invoice.


Even if it takes a few minutes at the beginning, it will save you a lot of time if you are selected for an exhibition. Because we will instantly need your bio  and the images of your work to promote you!

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Our latest events

La Ferme Blanche - EXPOSITION
Du 24/07/2022 au 27/11/2022

Call for applications for the exhibition project HOTEL ART PLACE by Staam up.

All artists can apply, regardless of their CV, because the selection is made only on the basis of the works (the name and CV of the artist are only discovered after the selection phase). This means that all artists have an equal chance.

The selected artists must be legally registered with the tax authorities in order to be able to exhibit and sell their works on HOTEL ART PLACE.

Any artist who does not comply with this legal registration will have his/her participation in the exhibition cancelled.

HOTEL ART PLACE was created to bring out the talents of today and tomorrow. Accommodation venues (hotels) are associated with this search for talent in order to encourage the widest possible network of places to discover and support art.

Above all, this makes it possible to create a real dynamic designed to encourage the sale of works. Thus Staam up proposes the discovery and sale of works to a maximum number of people via targeted communication and advertising campaigns.

All artists can apply for the HOTEL ART PLACE programme, regardless of their place of residence, as the selected artists will be offered the opportunity to join the online gallery that Staam up is developing for the benefit of the ART PLACE HOTELS. It is not necessary to send the works to the hotel, unless the hotel requests it, in which case the cost of sending the works will be fully covered by the hotel.

"You can live in China, the United Kingdom or Mexico, but it doesn't matter because if you are selected, your works will be included in the online gallery of the hotel that selected you.

Each selected artist will therefore have his or her works added to the gallery and will benefit from the free support of our expert, who has worked for the Palais de Tokyo and the MoMA. In addition, during the period of integration of the works in the gallery, an important plan will be implemented in order to allow the artist to make sales.

Your works in the gallery will benefit from the comments and analysis of our expert.

We believe that there are artists out there, YOU, who will get noticed through the HOTEL ART PLACE program