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What does Staam Up do?

Staam up, through its calls for submissions, seeks out quality artists and artworks wherever they can be found in order to meet the demands of its gallery partners and art market professionals who want to be sure not to miss out on any of today's art creation.

Staam up is Europe's largest resource of visual artists, works and talent. 

A visual artist is constantly looking for visibility and opportunities to sell his or her work. But the reverse is also true: art galleries are constantly looking for new talent and new works.

We offer our expertise to artists and use our resources to promote their work and defend their interests.

We offer :

- Calls for applications organised by "techniques", with different juries, in different countries. These calls for entries are the "Staam Awards" which aim to try to see a maximum of proposals from artists and to pre-select the works whose qualities are remakable and very interesting.

- The possibility for the pre-selected artists to appear in an online gallery specially developed by Staam up and by "Awards". On this gallery, the works of the pre-selected artists are offered for sale. This is an opportunity for collectors or art lovers to preview the works of artists who will probably be spotted and contacted by one (or more) art galleries.

- During this online exhibition period, we present all the pre-selected artists to all Staam up partner art galleries.

Our key values

Commitment: the art world is universal and unifying and should not be reserved for a small circle of so-called insiders who exclude 90% of artistic creation,

Fairness: artists apply anonymously, because we want to put the work before the CV,

Respect for artists:  All artists have the same opportunities, and all artists receive the same benefits once they are selected.

We hope to highlight ALL artists whose work deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Online exhibitions

- In these online galleries dedicated to each hotel and its selection, the artworks are presented and commented by our experts.

- The artworks are available for sale.




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Our latest events

Staam Awards Painting United Kingdoms
Du 31/01/2023 au 30/04/2023

Call for entries for the Staam Awards.

Several art galleries have asked Staam up to organise the Staam Awards in order to search for new undiscovered talent.

The Staam Awards:

1) Calls for entries are organised by Staam up in partnership with art galleries who wish to discover new talented artists and their works. These works will be presented and offered for sale in online galleries, for each call for entries in the requested category.

Artists can apply to calls for entries in their category (technique) in different countries, with different juries. If they are selected, their works are presented and offered for sale in the online galleries developed by Staam up, and the works are presented to the Staam Awards partner art galleries.

For each call for applications, 5 ARTISTS ARE SELECTED (you can be selected several times, by different juries in different countries, which we wish you), and the artists' works selected by the different juries are sent by Staam up to the representatives of the partner art galleries.

The more you apply to the calls for entries, the more chances you have to be selected.

At the end of the year, the names of the artists selected by the professionals to exhibit in their galleries will be revealed.

All artists can apply, regardless of their CV, because the selection is made on the basis of the works (the name and CV of the artist are only discovered after the selection phase). This means that all artists have an equal chance.

The selected artists must be legally registered with the tax authorities in order to be able to exhibit and sell their work in galleries.

An artist who does not comply with this legal registration will have his/her participation in the exhibition cancelled.

All artists have the chance to be noticed through the programmes set up by Staam up:

The Staam Awards is a demanding programme as professionals - gallery owners - will be ready to identify works that they think deserve to be exhibited in their art galleries.

All artists can apply for the Staam Awards, regardless of where they live, as the selected artists will be offered the opportunity to join the online gallery that Staam up is developing for free.

Moreover, the artists who will be selected by the galleries within the framework of the Staam Awards, will have all the expenses taken care of by Staam up (transportation of the works, transportation of the artist, accommodation of the artist, etc.)

"You can therefore reside in China, the United Kingdom or Mexico!

You can also benefit from the support of our expert, who has worked for the Palais de Tokyo and the MoMA. She can help you optimise your chances by ensuring that your works are presented in accordance with the expectations of professional gallery owners.

To date, 11 art galleries are partners of Staam up in the Staam Awards.