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What is Staam Up ?

Staam up is the beautiful meeting between visual artists and hotels.

A visual artist is constantly looking for places to display his or her work so that it can be seen by as many people as possible who might appreciate it and want to buy it. On the other hand, hotels are happy to lend their walls and space to artists in order to offer them nice opportunities to exhibit, they are also happy to welcome artists for a special stay.

The key idea of Staam up is: to create a platform where visual artists will find a maximum of opportunities to exhibit and sell their works from hotels from all over the world.

Stam up offers this:

- Find in one place hotels selected for their quality and their support to artists and artistic creation.

- Register and apply to the calls for applications in a few clicks.

- Benefit from advantages and special offers when booking in these hotels.

But beyond creating an online platform, Staam up is based on key values

Commitment: the art world is universal and unifying and should not be reserved for a small circle of so-called insiders who exclude 90% of artistic creation,
Fairness: artists apply anonymously, as we want to put the work before the CV,
Respect for artists: we refuse calls for applications that do not offer sufficient guarantees as to the value of the works and artists.
We hope to highlight ALL visual artists, whether they are beginners or experienced, amateurs or professionals, and to give visibility to ALL hotels that love art and artists.


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Our latest events

Exposition - LES PATIOS, LENS
Du 13/09/2021 au 31/10/2021

Staam up exhibition, a service dedicated to artists belonging to Staam up, is very pleased to propose and present you this great opportunity offered by Les Patios hotel located in Lens.

The hotel Les Patios has informed us of its desire to support art and artists by allowing photographic artists to be exhibited and promoted in its establishment, and by offering them a special offer in case artists would like to stay in their establishment, namely free breakfasts during the whole stay (value of the breakfast: 12 euros).

The Staam up exhibition team went to the hotel and saw how sensitive the manager of the hotel, Mrs Durisotti, is to art and especially how much she wants to support artistic creation and artists.

It should be noted that the hotel Les Patios benefits from a location that is absolutely favourable to the promotion of artists. Located just opposite the Lens train station, it regularly welcomes a number of people, the curious, art lovers or art world professionals who visit the Louvre-Lens or the former Banque de France, which has been converted into an art centre by com2com. This place is located 100 metres from the hotel and is currently hosting the Hybride biennial, curated by Paul Ardenne.

The hotel Les Patios is therefore a strategic exhibition venue, as many of the people who pass through and stay there will be sensitive to and interested in the works on display.

More than just an opportunity to exhibit, it is an opportunity to be seen by informed eyes.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the photographs of the selected artists arouse an interest that may provoke a desire to acquire the works. The works will be presented and described in an optimal and professional manner, notably via labels written by the Staam up Exhibition team.

We strongly invite you to seize this opportunity offered by Les Patios in partnership with Staam up by proposing three of your works.

This exhibition opportunity is part of the Staam up Exhibition programme and partnerships with hotels selected for their willingness to support artists and artistic creation, thus favouring an important networking and the number of opportunities to exhibit and sell your works.

Moreover, the selected artists and their photographic works will be highlighted on Staam up's social networks, and communication will also be made to our institutional and private partners (collectors, gallery owners, etc.)

For more information on the establishment: www.les-patios.fr

If you want to book a stay there, don't forget to mention that you are an artist to benefit from the special offer.