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What does Staam Up do?

Staam up transforms hotels into art galleries for artists in order to multiply the opportunities for them to show their work. 

A visual artist is constantly looking for visibility and opportunities to sell his work. The fact is that there are almost 7 million artists in Europe and just under 13,000 galleries.

There are also intermediate solutions, such as fairs or exhibitions, but the cost is high (a stand costs from several hundred euros to several thousand euros for two or three days of exhibition). 

We give the artists the benefit of our expertise and act like any gallery owner in promoting their work and defending their interests.

The hotels are our galleries:

There are 150,000 3*, 4* and 5* hotels in Europe that have the qualities we are looking for, just over 10 times the number of art galleries.

We offer :

- Hotels selected for their qualities and we turn them into galleries at the disposal of selected artists.

- The possibility for the artists to register and apply to the calls for applications in a few clicks. 

- The possibility for the artists to exhibit their work in magnificent places frequented by a public sensitive to art and with a certain purchasing power.

- The expertise of our team of specialists in contemporary art who write files and notes for each work selected, allowing art lovers to benefit from technical and historical references.

- The animation of networks of art lovers and collectors that we invite to discover the works of the selected artists. 

- The sale of the works and a complete logistic and administrative support. 

Our key values:

-Commitment: the art world is universal and unifying and should not be reserved for a small circle of so-called initiates who exclude 90% of artistic creation,

-Fairness: artists apply anonymously, as we want to put the work before the CV,

-Respect for artists:  All artists have the same opportunities, and all artists receive the same benefits once they are selected.

We hope to highlight ALL artists whose work deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Exhibitions: Physical and online

- On a dedicated platform, we present each institution and its selection of works in an online gallery. (This platform will be online in March, so all the selections that have taken place since the launch of Staam up, and all the selections that will take place, will be presented in their respective galleries)

- In these online galleries dedicated to each hotel and its selection, the works are presented and commented by our experts.

- The works are available for sale.

Within the framework of the exhibitions, we validate all the following points:  The hanging - The insurance - The communication


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Our latest events

La Bonne Etape Relais & Châteaux
Du 09/04/2022 au 13/11/2022

Call for entries organised within the framework of the HOTEL ART PLACE programme

HOTEL ART PLACE was created to bring out the talents of today and tomorrow. Magnificent venues are associated with this search for talent in order to encourage the widest possible network of places of discovery and support for art.

The selected artists will have their work showcased and sold in the hotel's dedicated online gallery (on the Hotel Art Place platform, scheduled for release in early March 2022).

In addition to this, the hotel restaurant La Bonne Etape would like to exhibit your work in its establishment for 6 months (see dates)

All artists can apply, whatever their CV, because on Staam up the selection is made only on the works (the name and CV of the artist is discovered after the selection). So all artists have the same chances.

In the framework of this call for applications, it will be necessary to send the works to the hotel. The costs of sending the works to the hotel will be borne by the selected artists. At the end of the exhibition in the hotel, if the artists wish, they can entrust their works to Staam up during the sale in the online gallery. Thus, in case of sale, Staam up will take care of the removal and the sending of the works to the buyers.

All these points will be discussed between Staam up and the selected artists before the exhibition in the hotel.

Each selected artist will have his or her works sent to the gallery and will benefit from the free support of our expert, who has worked for the Palais de Tokyo and MoMA. In addition, during the period of integration of the works in the gallery, an important plan will be implemented in order to allow the artist to make sales.

Your works in the gallery will benefit from the comments and analysis of our expert.

We believe that there are artists out there, YOU, who will get noticed through the HOTEL ART PLACE program.

The Hotel Restaurant La Bonne Etape!

For generations, the Gleize family has taken care of this 18th century coaching inn. The balconies and paved gardens are the work of Jany, the last of the lineage. In the kitchen, he reinvents the tradition of the Provençal recipes of Gabrielle, the grandmother - an accent, roots. The sweet side is the object of meticulous care, in homage to Pierre, the father, confectioner. You can taste the delicious lavender honey ice cream served in his beehive. An organic vegetable garden, an English-style garden mixing flowers, fruits and vegetables, gives the best of the earth. Better than a "good stop": a journey of all the senses, a natural stopover towards happiness.

Like all star chefs, Jany Gleize is demanding:

Therefore, the selection of works will be meticulous and will only aim to reveal the most beautiful and interesting "works" among those proposed.

The local artists privileged for this edition :

The chef Jany Gleize is very attached to local and regional values for his cuisine, which, at this level of refinement, is an art. So, for this first edition, he wishes to authorize only the applications of regional artists, the artists of Provence!

At the end of the call for applications, we will present all the applications to the management of the Azur Riviera hotel, who will select the artist who will join the gallery.