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Le Lou Calen - Exposition
Du 10/12/2021 au 01/05/2022

The history of the hotel Le Lou Calen is intimately linked to that of the village of Cotignac, making it an address not to be missed in Provence. Its lands extend over what was, at the beginning of the 17th century, the property of the monastery of the white penitents and still houses some sumptuous buildings today.

It is an extraordinary place that has attracted artists and art lovers time and again.

Many celebrities have passed through Le Lou Calen, including Joe Dassin, Henri Salvador, Serge Lama, Brigitte Bardot, the bands Pink Floyd and The Cure and even the wife of General De Gaulle. It is therefore a place that benefits from a great notoriety in France, but also internationally since a Californian Lou Calen opened in Palm Springs, where the singer Joe Dassin, intimately linked to the history of the hotel, had a house. The Californian Lou Calen had a great time thanks to its notoriety, which allowed it to welcome big stars such as Eric Iddle and Robin Williams.

Today, Lou Calen is reborn as a human and cultural project. Well beyond its original hotel vocation, the project gives life to numerous actions in the heart of the village, such as the flagship project: the creation of the art centre La Falaise, which hosts 3 exhibitions per year in Cotignac.

It is therefore quite natural that the Lou Calen is proposing this call for applications with a view to letting one or two artists (depending on their preferences) benefit from this luxurious space turned towards simplicity, and above all, towards art.

The selected artist (or the two selected artists) will be offered five months of exhibition in the mythical walls of Lou Calen, where many art lovers pass by.

As you can see, this is an absolutely exceptional call for applications.

No theme is imposed. 

There will be extensive communication about this exhibition, and you may be the lucky one.

There is no need to remind you that the fundamental principle of Staam up is the anonymity of the applications. Only the images of the works will be used for the selection phase. No CV, no letter of intent, no name. Each and every one of you can be offered this opportunity to exhibit for five months in this exceptional place.