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La Ferme Blanche - EXPOSITION
Du 24/07/2022 au 27/11/2022

Call for applications for the exhibition project HOTEL ART PLACE by Staam up.

All artists can apply, regardless of their CV, because the selection is made only on the basis of the works (the name and CV of the artist are only discovered after the selection phase). This means that all artists have an equal chance.

The selected artists must be legally registered with the tax authorities in order to be able to exhibit and sell their works on HOTEL ART PLACE.

Any artist who does not comply with this legal registration will have his/her participation in the exhibition cancelled.

HOTEL ART PLACE was created to bring out the talents of today and tomorrow. Accommodation venues (hotels) are associated with this search for talent in order to encourage the widest possible network of places to discover and support art.

Above all, this makes it possible to create a real dynamic designed to encourage the sale of works. Thus Staam up proposes the discovery and sale of works to a maximum number of people via targeted communication and advertising campaigns.

All artists can apply for the HOTEL ART PLACE programme, regardless of their place of residence, as the selected artists will be offered the opportunity to join the online gallery that Staam up is developing for the benefit of the ART PLACE HOTELS. It is not necessary to send the works to the hotel, unless the hotel requests it, in which case the cost of sending the works will be fully covered by the hotel.

"You can live in China, the United Kingdom or Mexico, but it doesn't matter because if you are selected, your works will be included in the online gallery of the hotel that selected you.

Each selected artist will therefore have his or her works added to the gallery and will benefit from the free support of our expert, who has worked for the Palais de Tokyo and the MoMA. In addition, during the period of integration of the works in the gallery, an important plan will be implemented in order to allow the artist to make sales.

Your works in the gallery will benefit from the comments and analysis of our expert.

We believe that there are artists out there, YOU, who will get noticed through the HOTEL ART PLACE program